The shop

The shop communicating with the bar and is provided with a good variet' of products of large retailers for your supplies, but is characterized mainly by the careful choice of selected products of good companies in our area: pecorino cheese, goat cheese, cheese cow, ham from our own, and lombetti capocolli, salami and sausages seasoned yogurt and ricotta raviggioli, fresh porcini mushrooms and dried. Our Tuscan bread without salt, according to tradition, is exhibited every day by fresh sandwiches and buns wheat bread or cereal, tortillas and stuffed crescioni for a right choice for a quick breakfast. The cookies we produce cooked in a wood oven, the jams with products from organic farming, our small delicacies' can be a good gift even if placed in the basket beautiful craft that can serve to collect the precious porcini mushrooms of Mount Fumaiolo